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The Contrast Between What The Eye Sees and What Lies Beneath

Updated: Jun 1

This installation by the Zurich based photographer Anna Shoedel, represents a whole person. Any person, you for example.

Accredited Edinburgh Based CBT Therapist Explores How We Are Made Up of Experiences, Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours and Relationships and How CBT Therapy Can Help Us When Those Things Keep Us Stuck
We each of us are the sum of our thoughts, experiences and relationships

But if you zoom in closely you will see this one image is made up of tiny internet images, matching in tone and colour. This work represents the contrast between what the eye first sees and what lies beneath; the strengths, flaws, quirks, experiences and beliefs learned from our past, that make us who we are now. But that doesn't mean to say it's who you have to continue to be if that's not what we want.

How Can Therapy Help?

In therapy we can explore any beliefs that don't fit us any more. These are beliefs that we hold deep within us, and might include things like “I am unloveable” or in some way “I am defective.” When triggered, in your conscious mind this might turn up as a thought like “there’s something wrong with me, or “I’m always on the outside, looking in”. Even when there’s no evidence to suggest this is the case. It’s our default way of thinking and it can play out again and again across many areas of our lives.

What Imapct Can This Have On Life?

These negative beliefs keep us stuck and can drive kinds of behaviour and feelings we don't want to have.

It might be the though that stops us from applying for that promotion or maybe the narrative we run in our heads when relationships don’t go smoothly.

In amending these beliefs to suit who we are now, we can become the person we want to be.


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