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The Most Important Relationship

Therapists go to therapy to keep them healthy. I think everyone should!

What I learned

So much! About me. About the way I relate to others and the world. In particular I’ve been working on the most important relationship - the one I have with myself.

Light Bulb Moment!

I learned that I can be alone and not be lonely. And I can be really lonely when I’m not alone. Yes I know I am literally the last person to realise this!

I’ve never lived alone, have always worked in busy teams, with shared aims and offices and I've always squashed as many people and things into into my life as I could.

My Behavioural Experiment

I began to build in time just for me, resisting the urge to fill it with plans and people. It was a struggle at first.

My Learning?

Slowly I’m changing the way I think and feel. This is how this evening went for me.


This evening I took myself to the beach.

I don’t mind sitting alone.

I like the company.

And I’m enjoying watching the waves crash in.

In-real time

Without distractions

The relationship we have with ourself is life long

It’s a worthwhile investment

When I feel a little out of alignment or stuck

I turn inward and ask myself what I need.

This evening the reply was; a glass of Rosé on the beach, just you and me.

And I obliged.



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