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Wishing You Happiness and Health in 2023!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

As New Year's Eve approaches, how do you feel about endings? An ending can signal a new and hopeful beginning, like dawn following the beautiful sunset in the painting below by Christophe Tixier.

How we feel about endings is due partly to our past experience. Therapeutic endings can be times to celebrate progress to goals, an exploration of differences in feelings on life in general, and the things that brought us to therapy in the first place.

As we move to the end of 2022 how do we feel about the last year? If we explore enough we might find that in amongst the bad, there were some positive aspects. Similarly for those of us who have had a fantastic year, there will no doubt have been some bitter sweet moments.

For me, It’s about recognising and accepting all the experiences we have had, positive and negative. They are all important and teach us something about ourselves, others and the world.

Now, New Year’s resolutions - that’s a whole other blog post and links to my post on Smart targets. How do we feel about making resolutions for the year ahead?


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