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Self Care

So I’ve been doing all the usual self care stuff - yoga, mindfullness, etc. and thought I was doing really well.

Then one day I noticed that meeting a friend for a quick catch up made me feel just as good as all the other stuff I spend so long doing. It made me think about what self care actually is and how I was trying to do it.

Last week I left things a bit tight for my weekly online therapy slot. (Therpsists speak with their therapist regularly as part of self care.) But I managed to finish work, threw myself onto my yoga mat to do my weekly class, and still made it to my office just in time to log onto my session - all self care boxes ticked and feeling like a positive saint! 😇

But when my therapist asked me how I felt, my honest answer was exhausted! We talked it tbrough and it didn’t take me long to realIse where I was going wrong.

For me it’s not about how many ‘good for me’ things I can cram into my already too busy life. Having a health and well-being ‘slot’ in every day is actually just one more thing for me to juggle.

So now I take a different approach. I try to lead my life in a way that constantly scaffolds my health & well-being.

There are so many different ways of doing this that I had never thought of before. I’m noticing that there’s an overlap between emotional and social activities that really help with connectivity, which is something really important to me.

So moving on, for me it’s all about more chats with friends and less gym classes! I’m wondering if that can also involve cake - happy days!


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